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Wheat Grass Powder

Product number: AN-UW11-CK05
  • Gently processed in raw vegetable quality
  • Rich in fibre and protein
  • For the nervous system*
  • Protection against oxidative stress*
  • Contains vitamins, trace elements and amino acids
  • For the energy metabolism*
  • For the immune system*
  • Can be easily stirred into water, juices, soups or other dishes and enjoyed

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Product information "Wheat Grass Powder"

The wheatgrass is the green wheat plant before it develops its ears. The young grasses are harvested after about three to six weeks, as the stalks then contain everything that a grain needs to grow. Since, unlike wheat grain, it contains no gluten, people with gluten intolerance can also benefit naturally from the effects of grass.

Nurafit's Wheat Grass Juice Powder contains the concentrated power of nature and is ideally suited as a natural dietary supplement for optimal nutrient supply. Our finely ground wheatgrass powder is rich in valuable vitamins such as vitamin B6 and vitamin E. Wheatgrass also contains various nutrients such as proteins, minerals, trace elements and valuable antioxidants.

With powdered wheatgrass you can prepare healthy and delicious fitness shakes, green smoothies or juices in no time at all. Also as a supplement in yoghurt or muesli, green wheatgrass powder ensures great taste and healthy ingredients. Ideal for any balanced diet.

We obtain our wheatgrass from certified organic wheat plants. For an optimal nutrient content, the grass is harvested when it is still very young. The broad spectrum of vital substances in wheat grass has numerous positive effects on our organism.

Content: 500g l approx. 166 portions

Taste: nutty, earthy

Ingredients: 100% pure wheatgrass* from controlled organic cultivation

Usage: Take 2-3 grams daily over smoothies, water, snacks, vegetable milk or breakfast.

Recommended consumption

Take 2-3 grams daily with smoothies, water, snacks, vegetable milk or breakfast.


*Vitamin B6 contributes to normal nervous system function
*Vitamin E helps to protect the cells from oxidative stress
*Iron contributes to normal energy metabolism, normal cognitive function and normal functioning of the immune system


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Our product is the young wheat which is already harvested after 3-6 weeks and therefore contains no gluten and retains all the nutrients.
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet. Overdosage can lead to stomach problems, diarrhoea and headaches in individual cases. In the case of food supplements, "much usually does not help much", as one too much can put a strain on the body.
100quality organic 100natural GMOFree

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