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ORGANIC sugar substitute erythritol, date sugar, etc..

Tired of too much industrial sugar? Then you need these Sugar alternatives must have tried. 

Slim Organic date sugar


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Slim Organic Coconut Blossom Sugar


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Sugar Organic Panela Sugar


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Less sugar

Healthy sugar substitute for baking and sweetening

More and more often we strive to ban industrial sugar from our lives. Because even as a child, you always hear that you should eat little sugar, because it is unhealthy. True, if you looks at current studies on the subject. For example shows a study by the University of Zurich, that too much Sugar not only unhealthy is because it contains a lot of calories, but also because it has the body's own fat production in the liver doubles and thus Long term diabetes and a Fatty liver favors. All the better that there are more and more alternatives to conventional industrial sugar. 

From sugar alternatives to sweeteners to sweetener, stevia and Co. - there are many different ways to achieve the sweetness of sugar otherwise. Agave syrup, honey, birch sugar or syrup also often serve as useful sugar alternatives. Here's how you can sweeten your everyday life instead of driving your insulin levels up. After all, sugar substitutes do not bring about any physical change, does not restrict your snacking in any way. But which sugar alternative is the best? We show you our favorites and introduce you to the sugar alternatives from

Our sugar substitute products

Bio Erythrit

Sugar alternative erythritol

Probably the best known Alternative for table sugar is erythritol. Calorie free, tooth friendly and From natural raw materials This great sugar alternative comes manufactured and also convinces by the fact that it is free of genetic engineering and thus represents an ideal sweetener.

This alternative to sugar is made from made from natural and renewable raw materials, for which starchy plants are almost always used. This starch is processed into glucose syrup and then fermented to produce erythritol. Also in natural foods such as watermelon, pear and grape comes a small amount of natural erythritol from. Erythritol is perfect for baking and can be used just like regular sugar. Especially for Fitness enthusiasts, weight loss enthusiasts and Diabetics:inside erythritol is very popular. In addition, this sugar substitute has an extremely high tolerance, which means that it is also free of side effects. Erythritol can therefore be consumed without a guilty conscience and is a real alternative to conventional table sugar in terms of taste.

Organic coconut blossom sugar

Sugar alternative coconut blossom sugar

Coconut blossom sugar is a low-glycemic sugar alternative and thus causes no strong increase of the insulin level. Thus remains the known sugar high or low from and there are No food cravings. You can use coconut blossom sugar just like regular sugar and use it to bake or sweeten your food. Coconut blossom sugar is made from the Coconut palm nectar is extracted and collected in a container. There it is either boiled or processed at low temperature with a steamer until the coconut flower crystals are formed.

This alternative sweetener can excellent for baking can be used. The taste is naturally sweet and convinces with a light caramel note. It is best suited for sweetening coffee, tea, pastries or porridge.

Organic date sugar

Sugar alternative date sugar

In your search for an alternative to refined sugar, you're sure to come across date sugar. The date sugar Tastes mild and slightly caramel and fruity and is therefore also so popular. It is ideal for sweetening baked goods or desserts. We can also highly recommend date sugar in smoothies.

and is therefore so popular. It is ideal for sweetening baked goods or desserts. We can also highly recommend date sugar in smoothies. Dates of the variety Deglet Nour obtained. These dates grow on date palms in subtropical areas and have a honey-sweet taste. After harvesting, the dates are dried and ground. Subsequently, the Sugar not treated further - he lands directly in the package and makes its way to you. If you are looking for a less sweet sugar substitute, we can highly recommend date sugar, because it is characterized by a slightly softer sugar taste and does not have such a strong sweetening power. But besides these aspects the date sugar also convinces with its nutritional values! Because 100g the sweet seduction have whole 11g Dietary fiber. Since the sugar is not so soluble, you should use it less for coffee and tea, but it is excellent for baking.

Organic panel sugar

Sugar alternative panela sugar

Panela sugar is a unrefined whole cane sugar from 100% sugar cane juice and scores with its gentle processing. The special thing about it: thereby remain some nutrients, which can no longer be found in conventional sugar. So an optimal alternative to sweeten your food. So get a piece of Colombia at home and enjoy the caramel sugar alternative organic panela. Panela sugar is traditionally drunk as a refreshing lemonade called Aguapanela in Colombia. The drink is particularly popular with cyclists in Colombia, as it is said to provide energy.