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Organic Mango Strips

Item number: NF-BMGS-500G
  • Gently dried BIO mango strips  
  • Authentic mango taste without added sugar 
  • High fiber snack for work, home or on the go

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500 g | €2.60 per 100 g

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Product information "Organic Mango Strips"

Dried mango strips - vitamin suppliers with a tropical flavour

Like hardly any other fruit, the mango succeeds in transporting us directly to an exotic beach in sunny climes with its sweet and full aroma. But even though the mango has long been one of the world's most popular tropical fruits due to its delicious taste, its health-promoting properties are often underestimated. Yet mangoes are not only convincing because of their great wealth of vitamins. They also contain numerous important minerals and secondary plant compounds. These elements are particularly concentrated in the dried mango strips from nur.fit, which are consciously produced using organic cultivation methods and then gently processed. In this respect, the dried mango strips are a great option for all those situations in which you would like to satisfy your craving for sweets in a health-conscious and vitamin-rich way. 

Why the mango is considered a sweet food of the gods

Mangoes belong to the stone fruit family and are mainly found in tropical regions. Today, Africa, Brazil, India and Southeast Asia are among the best-known growing regions. In India in particular, the consumption of mangoes has a long tradition and is deeply integrated into the cultural rites and folk healing practices of the country. Because of their delicious taste, mangoes are often offered as divine sacrifices. Since Buddha preferred to meditate in the shade of a mango tree, the mango fruit also stands for inner strength and happiness. 

Another reason for these attributions can also be found in the diverse ingredients of the mango, which make this fruit a perfect supplier of important vital substances. This applies in particular to the high proportion of vitamins contained in a mango fruit. In addition to a large amount of vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin E, the mango also provides you with plenty of vitamin C and vitamin K. 

In addition, the mango fruit also scores with a comprehensive selection of minerals and trace elements. For example, the fruit contains above-average amounts of potassium, magnesium and copper. Furthermore, mango contains a number of other key nutrients, including iron, sodium and calcium. 

This high-quality vitamin and mineral profile is completed by a conspicuous wealth of secondary plant substances, with the 25 carotenoids present in a mango playing a central role. In addition to lutein and zeaxanthin, 100 grams of mango fruit contain up to 3000 µg of beta-carotene. This makes the mango a leading supplier of this ingredient among all fruits. 

You should also take into account that dried fruit is always enriched with the respective vital substances in a particularly concentrated form due to the drying process. Accordingly, our dried mango strips have a very high content of the minerals, vitamins and secondary plant substances mentioned.

Dried mango strips - sweet seduction with health-promoting effects

Considering the promising profile of vital substances, it seems hardly surprising that the consumption of mango strips is accompanied by numerous positive effects. For example, the abundant vitamin A in dried mango strips supports your body in cell division and promotes a beautiful and youthful skin appearance. At the same time, the valuable vitamin C with its antioxidant properties contributes to strengthening your immune system by promoting the binding of free radicals in your body. Vitamin K, which is also available in high quantities, also plays an important role in blood clotting and in the formation of bones and teeth.  

The same can be said about the minerals and trace elements in mango strips, among which the high proportion of magnesium stands out. Magnesium is not only central to the regeneration of your muscle and nerve cells, but is also involved in numerous metabolic processes as an activator of enzymes. In its role as an electrolyte, potassium also fulfils a number of essential tasks, for example by regulating the fluid content of your cells and the transmission of impulses in your muscles

The beta-carotene contained in the dried mango strips, which is converted into vitamin A by your body and is therefore considered a provitamin, also has a number of health-promoting aspects. As a provitamin, beta-carotene is fundamentally involved in the performance and health of your eyes. Due to its antioxidant properties, it also counteracts inflammation in your body and supports the performance of your brain in a natural way.

Why mango strips are an optimal energy source for sports activities

It is well known that people who are active in sports have a high demand for carbohydrates due to their increased energy consumption. This need is usually met by foods with a correspondingly high glucose content, as this sugar is one of the body's preferred energy suppliers. However, the intake of glucose is usually quickly accompanied by a pronounced energy low, as this sugar is utilised extremely quickly by your body. In contrast, the abundant fructose contained in mangoes offers you the possibility to supply your body with constant energy over a long period of time. Unlike glucose, fructose is only gradually absorbed and processed by your body. In this respect, our dried mango strips are particularly suitable as energy suppliers for all endurance sports, such as jogging, cycling, swimming or hiking.

Contents: from 500 g up to 1 kg
Taste: authentic sweet mango flavour

    100 % Love
    100 % Organic mango, dried
    100 % Biological
    (from controlled organic cultivation)


Zertifikate, Herkunft & Produktanalysen: BIO Mangostreifen, getrocknet

Nutritional values
Unprepared per 100 g
Calorific value kj 1318,00 kj
Calorific value kcal 312,00 kcal
Fat 2,29 g
Of which saturated fatty acids 0,55 g
Carbohydrates 65,39 g
Of which sugar 64,02 g
Fibers 8,68 g
Protein 3,07 g
Salt 0,06 g
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Unsere BIO Mangostreifen sind vollständig naturbelassen und frei von zusätzlichem Zucker, Süßungsmittel und Konservierungsstoffen.
Die BIO Mangostreifen streifen sollten lichtgeschützt, kühl und trocken gelagert werden.
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