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Organic Erythrit

Product number: NF-BERY-500G
  • Natural sugar substitute found in fruits and vegetables
  • 70% sweetening power of sugar, no aftertaste
  • zero calories
  • Toothfriendly
  • A diet is suitable for diabetics within the framework of a diet plan
  • Vegan
  • Erythritol can be used like conventional household sugar

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500 g | €1.40 per 100 g

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Product information "Organic Erythrit"
Bio Erythritol is obtained by the fermentation of glucose (dextrose). It contains significantly fewer kilocalories than conventional household sugar and is ideal for the weight loss process. Furthermore, erythritol does not attack the teeth. Since it has no effect on blood sugar and insulin levels, it can also be interesting for diabetics. It is easy to dissolve in water and can therefore also be used for cooking or baking - but you should note that it cannot be caramelized. The sweetening power is about 70% compared to conventional sugar. Visually, there is no difference to conventional sugar.

Content: 500g

Taste: Sweet, Cool

Ingredients: 100% pure erythritol* from controlled organic cultivation

Use as required to sweeten for cooking, baking, smoothies, tea and much more.

Recommended consumption

The sugar substitute can easily be used like sugar. Incompatible for animals. May also have a laxative effect.


Erythritol has no effect on blood sugar and insulin levels because the body does not metabolise it. Therefore erythritol is especially suitable for diabetics.


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In nature, erythritol is found in various foods. It is therefore a natural substance.
Erythritol has no effect on blood sugar and insulin levels because the body does not metabolise it. This makes erythritol particularly suitable for diabetics.
Erythritol contains just 20 kcal per 100g. For comparison: Ordinary sugar has 400 kcal per 100g, which is twenty times more.
100quality organic 100natural GMOFree

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