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Vegan protein powder as low carb flour

You are looking for Alternatives to the usual wheat flouror want to bake with as few carbohydrates as possible? Then you are already on the right page! All listed vegan protein powders are perfect as flour substitutes.

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Fibres Organic Rice Protein


(€2.90* / 100 g)
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Fibres Organic Hemp Protein


(€2.00* / 100 g)
Low carbohydrate flour

Protein powder - the secret low carb flour

Protein powders or even nut flours are a healthy alternative to conventional flours. Baked goods made from low-carb flours are particularly suitable for people who want to avoid carbohydrates and also sugar. Conventional flours are made from grains, whereas low-carb flours are made from seeds, legumes or nuts, such as almond flour.

In the production of the low-carb flour, fat is removed so that the low-carb flour binds better with the other ingredients and a dough consistency can be created. Therefore, any low carb flour is suitable for baking, it is only necessary to pay attention to the ratio.

Low crab mehl

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Flour substitute: go gluten free

Low-carb flours, that is, all low-carb flours, are not made from grains, so they are gluten-free. In addition, these alternatives can be very healthy and offer many nutrients. For this reason, it also has other baking properties that should be expected. Thus, we can roughly distinguish between three types of low carb flours: 

  • Main flour (for volume) 
  • Starch flour (for loosening) 
  • Binding flour (for the binding or glue))

Egg white with nut flavor

Organic sunflower seed protein for volume

The main flour is one of the most important basis of flour alternatives in baking or cooking. The best known main flours are nut flours such as peanut, almond, coconut or hazelnut. Also represents the Sunflower seed protein a possible alternative to the nut flours mentioned above. The gluten-free substitute is high in protein and relatively high in carbohydrates compared to other alternatives. Here is particularly that these flour variants have a lot of flavor. Their inherent flavor is very intense and therefore should be used in dishes or cakes that can tolerate a nut flavor. Nut flours can replace the conventional wheat flour 1:1, who would like to have a slightly lower nut flavor, can mix the nut flour with other low carb flours.

Flour- & Egg substitute at the same time

Organic flaxseed protein for binding

Das Flaxseed protein is particularly suitable as a binding flour, as it swells strongly. For this reason, the conventional flour should be replaced only a small part. Also in this flour the seeds are cold pressed and then milled. This low carb flour is rich in fiber, minerals, omega-3 and protein. Its nutty flavor makes it suitable for bread, rolls and cakes. By the way, just 90g of flaxseed powder replaces 100g of wheat flour. It should also be mentioned that flaxseed protein can also serve as an egg substitute, but for this the baking time should be increased by 10 minutes.