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Healthy snacks for in between - Nibble and enjoy consciously

You can't do without snacks? That's no problem at all. With our sweet and healthy snacks you can snack without a guilty conscience. No empty calories, vegan, low carb and high in protein - these are the snacks at! 

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Phosphor Organic Goji Berries


(€2.30* / 100 g)
Healthy Snacks Organic cocoa nibs


(€1.80* / 100 g)
Phosphor Organic Cashews


(€1.56* / 100 g)
Healthy Snacks Organic mulberries


(€2.40* / 100 g)
Healthy Snacks Organic Banana Chips unsweetened


(€1.20* / 100 g)
Healthy Snacks Give it a Try-all Bundle


(€1.85* / 100 g)
Healthy Snacks Organic Banana Chips


(€1.20* / 100 g)
Healthy Snacks Organic Chocolate Banana Snack Set


(€1.70* / 100 g)
Unsweetened snacks

Healthy snacks with valuable nutrients

Thanks to our nutritious snacks kannst Du ohne schlechtes Gewissen Naschen. Whether in the evening on the couch, in the office, at university or school. Our snacks can serve you as small reward during a diet or serve as a sweet snack for in between.

Thereby they convince not only by their delicious and natural taste, but also by valuable nutrients,which thanks to the gentle production and processing are preserved. Finally enjoyment without regret!

Our healthy snacks

Snacks for every day

Perfect companion for the movie night

With our snacks you can not only satisfy the small hunger in between, at the same time you can still absorb good nutrients.Not mindless junk food, but snacks with nutrient-rich ingredients made from fresh foods. For example, get our crispy organic apple chips and snack without a guilty conscience through the pack. Look forward to fruity taste without any additives. Also the delicious organic goji berries köstliche Bio-Gojibeeren true taste explosion and are the perfect companions for movie night or series marathons. Our snacks are healthy treats that should never be missing at home.

Low calorie snacks

Low calorie snack fun with the highest quality

With us the Naturalness and quality of the snacks in the first place. That is why our snacks contain No added sugars, but convince through their Pure natural sweetness. Our dried fruits BIO Apple Chips and BIO Goji Berries contain only natural ingredients and ingredients and taste super aromatic. Pure nature! These healthy snacks are perfect for snacking fun in between meal in the context of a calorie-conscious diet and for Vegetarier and Veganer and is just as lactose and gluten free.

Diet Friendly

Finally no more annoying calorie counting

Craving for sweets comes over us again and again, especially during a diet and can then be especially mean when you want to watch the calorie intake. With our snacks you can do without the annoying counting of calories and also snack during a diet without a guilty conscience! Because in our assortment you will find a great selection of Low calorie and healthy snacks, That fit perfectly into a diet-conscious lifestyle and contain no industrial sugar !

Organic Cocoa Nibs

Chocolate in its best From.

Direct crunch from the cocoa bean with the organic cocoa nibs. As a snack in between, for homemade, vegan chocolates, as an additive in desserts or where a tart, chocolaty taste just fits wonderfully. But not only a taste highlight, but also still balm for the soul, because by the in it presentTryptophan, it contributes its part to the formation of the happiness hormones dopamine and serotoninwith. So full of pleasure and that too without added sugar.

BIO mulberries

Honey sweet taste experience without added sugar

Our white organic mulberries have absolutely addictive. Small, cute and the perfect snack for in between, Because of the high proportion of dietary fiber, it is a snack that keeps you full longer. So whether a mountain tour, swimming pool visit, TV evening, at work or at school - a small bag of white 250g organic mulberries should not be missing in your snack assortment. Or are you more in the team Naschatze, then we recommend you our organic mulberries 1kg advantage pack.

Organic banana chips, unsweetened

Sugar free high fiber snack

You've definitely never seen banana chips like this before. Because they taste pleasantly light banana and are also wholly unsweetened, as well as in Organic coconut oil baked. However, they are much more than just a snack, but also a perfect topping over your muesli or smoothie bowl. Also as an extra crunch in any sweet dish, they are a absolutes Highlight.