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Why should I take superfoods?

Superfoods can support you in many situations in life, give you more energy and strengthen your defenses. Vitamins and sufficient nutrients are important for the body so that it can provide the desired performance every day. But for this it must also be abundantly supplied - a balanced and healthy diet but often takes some time and this is where the superfoods come into play. Due to their gentle drying and grinding process, all the important nutrients contained in them are preserved and thus allow you to easily integrate them into your everyday life. The resulting increased intake of vitamins and minerals can have positive effects on your health and overall well-being.

Are your products vegan?

Yes, all our products are handpicked and 100% vegan. With us, you simply know what's inside. Our products also have 100% raw material quality and no additives.

Where do the products come from?

We attach particular importance to the quality of our product range and above all to sustainable action. Therefore, we obtain all products, where it is possible, directly from German farmers. For some products, however, it is unfortunately not possible to obtain them directly from Germany and we stand by this. But it is important to us that also here everything is done only.fair. Our supply chain is fully auditable organic according to EU-Öko-VO.

What is special about

We, from, promise exactly what our products can deliver. Without a lot of frills, we offer superfoods that can be perfectly integrated into your everyday life and make healthy eating easier. But at, superfoods don't stop at the content, that's where it starts. We care about what's inside the package, but also what's around it. Therefore, we do not use preservatives, but maximize the shelf life through the packaging - and of course that makes less waste.

What is "fair.pakt"?

All our products are packaged with love in Bremen by Werkstatt Bremen. In this non-profit company, with over 2000 employees, all our products are "fair.pakt" by people with handicap. The logo with the heart in the middle - this company is characterized in particular by the respectful cooperation and the design of a fair production process.

Do you conduct heavy metal analyses?

The quality of our products has top priority and therefore our BIO products come from producers and manufacturers who comply with the provisions of the EC Organic Regulation, and undergo the prescribed controls. This is especially important to us, because these natural products contain more vitamins and minerals than conventional food and are less contaminated with chemical pesticides. Furthermore, all our BIO products are routinely tested several times for quality including microbial contamination, pesticides and heavy metals. In addition, is tested every year by BCS Kiwa from Germany for German organic standards to check if we meet the requirements to be allowed to sell in the German food sector. Our last organic test was done on 09.04.2020 by BCS Kiwa and we passed this test successfully.

How do I take superfoods?

Our Superfoods can be mixed into your favorite dishes according to the recommended consumption. However, our products are excellent in smoothies, breakfast bowls, fruit juices, in doughs or our protein powders in protein shakes. So there are no limits for you and if you are looking for inspiration, you can find our recipe recommendations here.

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